Best size for profile pictures and banners on social media

We keep looking for the correct sizes for the images we want to upload to social media. Everybody has them scribbled down somewhere, or has to do a search for them every time you create a new profile, or want to change or renew the banner or profile picture. So we decided to put our notes in one place, and make them available for everybody to use. There are numerous and very helpful pages with the same objective, and we gladly list them here.

Social Media / Network / WebsiteSize
File Size
FormatsResources and LinksUpload Link
Google for BusinessRec – 720×720
Min – 250 x 250
Max –
Min -10Kb
Max – 5MB
Manage photos or videos for your Business Profile
3 Little Known Facts About the Google My Business Cover Photo
How Do I Change my Google My Business Logo?
Google Business Profile Manager
WxH in Pixels